Physician Surveys offers physicians the opportunity to participate in health related surveys and get paid for their opinions. That’s right – physicians are paid for answering questions and providing feedback on various topics related to healthcare. The answers reported by physicians have a huge impact in future decisions regarding new and existing healthcare products and services. By participating in surveys physicians are able to help shape the future of healthcare.

Registered physicians will receive email confirmation each month on surveys available for participation based upon their practice specialty and background. Surveys are offered on a first-come first serve basis. Once a survey is selected, the participant will be prompted to answer several screening questions. If the participant qualifies, the survey will continue. The amount of money earned per survey is based upon the type and length of the survey.

Prior to taking a survey, a participant is informed of the dollar amount paid for the survey. Payments to physicians are made directly to their PayPal Account within a few days after the survey is closed. If you have not already registered for physician surveys, please forward an email to and a registration link will be sent to you email address.