Main Benefits

Fast Access to Your Records
24/7 access via Internet connection provides fast access to your health records.
Secure Record Keeping
Your health records have secure login and password protection along with encrypted firewall protection 24/7.
Automatic Record Updating
As test results are received at your doctors office the results are immediately updated for your review.
Secure Support
Support is available at the click of a button keeping you connected to your health records.

Latest News & Events

March 15, 2016

Five months ago the U.S. offically began to require healthcare providers to begin rendering their clinical diagnosis using ICD10 codes.  Leading up to the mandate of ICD10 codes on October 1, 2015, many consultants were convinced the ICD10 codes would create issues with physicians and delay insurance claims being paid in a timely manner. Similar to the hype of Y2K, ICD10 for the most part has been

February 29, 2016

Due to an increased demand in patients wanting to pay their doctors bills online, is committed to adding this new feature in 2016. Once completed, patients that access their health records online will be able to view their balance at their doctor’s office and have the opportunity to make a payment via credit card.

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