Main Benefits

Fast Access to Your Records
24/7 access via Internet connection provides fast access to your health records.
Secure Record Keeping
Your health records have secure login and password protection along with encrypted firewall protection 24/7.
Automatic Record Updating
As test results are received at your doctors office the results are immediately updated for your review.
Secure Support
Support is available at the click of a button keeping you connected to your health records.

Latest News & Events

March 29, 2014

Have you ever wanted to send your doctor or healthcare provider an email regarding questions about your health? If your like most people you have thought about this but the chances of your doctor providing their personal email to communicate is probably “nil and none”. has recently completed the developed of our secure electronic messaging software making it possible

March 14, 2014

In 2014, the federal government will take the next step and ramp up the pressure on healthcare providers to embrace electronic health records (EHR). The second stage of the meaningful use guidelines will require many hospitals and physician to meet these tough new standards or face payment cuts beginning in 2015.

A number of new requirements under stage 2 meaningful use will impact labs, both directly and indirectly. For