Main Benefits

Fast Access to Your Records
24/7 access via Internet connection provides fast access to your health records.
Secure Record Keeping
Your health records have secure login and password protection along with encrypted firewall protection 24/7.
Automatic Record Updating
As test results are received at your doctors office the results are immediately updated for your review.
Secure Support
Support is available at the click of a button keeping you connected to your health records.

Latest News & Events

November 26, 2014

As families prepare to head out on the road and travel to be with family members for the Thanksgiving holiday, it gives great peace of mind in knowing that they can access their health records 24/7 with In the event you need to see a doctor out of town, login to access your health records so you can show your doctor the latest health data you have on file. Having access to this

November 12, 2014

As the leading technology provider for online access to health records, continues to develop new technology to keep patients informed of changes to their health records. All health data viewed online is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure privacy and maximize security. When it comes to accessing your health records online our team of professionals utilize the latest