Where are my Lab Results?

17 November 2016

With the growing number of patients using technology to access their health records online, many patients wonder why they are not able to view all their lab results in their health records. In order to display lab results electronically in the patient’s health records, the lab company must have an interface with the physicians (EHR) electronic health record software. With thousands of lab companies located throughout the U.S. is it virtually impossible for any one EHR company to have active interfaces with all lab company in the U.S. If you do not see your lab results electronically when logging in to check your health records then you need to request that your physician contacts your lab company to complete an electronic lab interface.

As the leading healthcare technology provider for online access to health records, ViewMyHealthRecords.com has engineered our software to make it simple for patients to review their lab results online. Each time a patient has lab work completed by their healthcare provider an email alert is sent from ViewMyHealthRecords.com to alert the patient regarding the new lab results. The patient can follow the link in the email to login and review their electronic lab results. Thousands of healthcare professionals trust ViewMyHealthRecords.com to provide their patient 24/7 access to their health record. If your healthcare provider is not currently providing online access to your health records then chances are they are not complying with these new federal guidelines. Granting online access to your health records is no longer an option but the law.

To learn how you can access your health records online have your healthcare provider contact ViewMyHealthRecords.com.