Our Vision


Our Vision Our vision is to provide the most simple yet highly secured solution for patients to access their health records online.

All certified EHR software companies are engineered to generate continuity of care (CCD) documents. These (CCD) documents contain the patient’s entire health data history. The health data within these files includes current and past laboratory results, current medications, past medications, allergies, problem lists and medical diagnosis.

It is common for patients to see multiple specialists. In most cases not all doctors practice under one group location. A patient complaining of numbness in their right leg may be referred from their primary care doctor to a Neurologist. After examination the Neurologist may refer the patient to an Orthopaedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon for consultation. Each specialist adds to the patient’s health history with new test data and medical diagnosis. Without the centralization of health data, patients are required to use different patient portals to access their health records online. Viewmyhealthrecords.com has developed the open architecture required for electronic health record (EHR) companies to provide access between their medical record software, the doctor and their patients. Regardless of the geographic location of each doctor seen by the patient, all health data would be centralized and available with ViewMyHealthRecords.com.

To further improve how healthcare is delivered, patient involvement has become front and center as it relates to patient care. Registered users of ViewMyHealthRecords.com are given the opportunity to participate in health related surveys and get paid for their opinions on healthcare related topics. The opinions provided by patients greatly influence the direction and future of healthcare.