Announces Significant Growth in 2023 and Exciting Plans for a New Patient Portal in 2024

5 March 2024, a leading innovator in digital health records management, is excited to announce another year of substantial growth throughout 2023. As a trusted repository for millions of patient health records both in the USA and internationally, continues to set the standard in secure, accessible, and user-friendly health information management.
This year's growth not only reflects the increasing trust and reliance placed in by healthcare providers and patients alike but also underscores the company's ongoing commitment to leveraging technology to improve healthcare outcomes and patient experiences. Building on this momentum, is thrilled to unveil plans for the launch of its new patient portal in 2024. This next-generation portal is designed with the dual focus of incorporating exciting new features for patients and ensuring the very best user experience when navigating the patient portal. is dedicated to revolutionizing how individuals’ access and engage with their health records. An enormous amount of time in design and engineering has been invested in the latest version of the upcoming patient portal and the new technology will be a testament to our commitment to innovation, privacy, and user satisfaction. Our management team has listened to the feedback from both patients, healthcare providers and channel partners and we're excited to introduce a platform that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.
The new portal will feature a range of enhancements, including improved navigation, enhanced security measures, and innovative tools for managing health information. These updates aim to empower patients with greater control over their health data, facilitating better communication with healthcare providers and ultimately leading to more informed healthcare decisions. Our mission has always been to offer accessibility and ease of use as the core of our design philosophy. During the design process, our developers focused on the importance of a seamless and intuitive user experience. As a leading innovator in digital health records management, is dedicated to providing a platform that both patients and providers can navigate with ease.'s commitment to improving healthcare through technology extends beyond the upcoming patient portal. The company continuously seeks to expand its offerings and enhance its services to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry, reinforcing its position as a leader in health records management.
As looks forward to the release of its new patient portal in 2024, the company extends its gratitude to its users, healthcare partners and channel partners for their ongoing support and feedback, which have been invaluable in shaping the future of patient health records management.
About is at the forefront of digital health records management, offering secure, accessible, and user-friendly solutions for patients and healthcare providers. Managing millions of patient health records across the USA and internationally, is committed to improving healthcare outcomes and patient experiences through technology. With a focus on innovation, security, and customer service, continues to lead the way in health information management.