On the Road with your Health Records

17 November 2016

Never forget that accidents can happen so being prepared is critical for the best outcomes. No one can predict someone getting injured or sick but having the most up to date health data is critical. The good news is that access to your health records is just a few clicks away.

ViewMyHealthRecords.com provides patients with 24/7 access to their health data. The health data provided is the most up to date health data on file for the patient. In the event a patient needs to visit a medical professional while out of town, ViewMyHealthRecords.com will provide instant access to the health data on file. Having access to previous lab results, previous medications and the current problem list may help streamline the healthcare provider with the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Accessing health data with ViewMyHealthRecords.com is simple and fast using a smart phone. If you are a registered user and have forgotten your user password then you can login to ViewMyHealthRecords.com and click on “forgot your password”. ViewMyHealthRecord.com will email a link enabling you to reset your password. ViewMyHealthRecords.com is committed to giving patients access to their health data when they need it most. At home or on vacation, your health data is available 24/7.