26 April 2021

As the leading U.S. and international healthcare technology company in providing the link between patients and their health records, the support team is available to assist patients that need help accessing their health records.

Due to the confidentiality of your health records, the support team is not authorized to discuss a patient’s health records. All questions regarding your health records must be directed to your healthcare provider (Physician, PA, NP, PT, OD, RN, DC, etc.).

The website provides a link where a user can click and select a password reset. Once selected, a password reset link will be emailed from The patient will click the link and follow the steps to reset their password. If the patient is not able to reset their password, the patient can email the support team at for assistance. technology is used by healthcare providers throughout the U.S. and internationally to provide secure patient access to their patients’ health records. For answers to the most common questions regarding, please click the following link