Physician Technology and Better Patient Care

28 July 2017

Physicians / healthcare providers that register their patients on receive the added value of being able to email their patients using Typical emails sent to patients may include the following:

  • Annual Reminders to schedule office visits
  • Requests to schedule procedures
  • Requests to schedule testing (CT, MRI, etc.)
  • Requests to schedule laboratory testing
  • Information regarding new medications now available in the market
  • Information regarding new procedures offered by the practice / clinic
  • Information regarding updates or changes to the practice / clinic
  • Information on new providers that have joined the practice / clinic has simplified the process for physicians to communicate with their patients.  Healthcare has new technology, medications and procedures introduced throughout any given year. A patient may not have been a good candidate for a previous procedure or medication but may now benefit from the new technology. Physicians can query specific information stored in their Electronic Health Record systems and identify patients that are now candidates for the new medication and or procedures. It is a great way for physicians to keep their patients informed regarding all the latest advances in medicine.

As the leading U.S. healthcare technology company in providing the link between patients and their health records, provides technology instrumental in the communication between physicians / healthcare providers and their patients.