Patients Welcome Online Surveys

30 March 2016 is pleased to announce the official release of online patient surveys for March 2016. A limited number of survey invites were emailed to a random number of patients granting the opportunity to register and participate in online patient surveys. We are pleased to report the majority of users that received invites opted to register for surveys.

Surveys will give patients the opportunity to give their feedback on issues related to healthcare and in return be compensated for their time. The average survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Patients that participate can earn between $15 - $125 per completed survey. In order to participate in online surveys, patients will be forwarded an email from explaining the survey process and registration.

Your opinion counts and in 2016 users will have the opportunity to participate in medical surveys and earn financial incentives. Our current expectations are to have survey opportunities available to all registered users by the end of the summer. Keep checking your emails for the survey invite opportunity.

If you are not a registered user, please have your healthcare provider contact to learn how you can become a registered user.