Online Patient Access to Heath Records on the Rise in 2011

13 May 2016

It has been estimated that nearly 56 million patients have accessed their health information online via a patient portal. These patient portals connect the patient with their health record maintained by their physician. A recent Manhattan research study found that an additional 41 million patients are also interested in accessing their health records online.

With new technology it takes some time for the general public to develop trust and welcome this new technology into their daily lives. It is estimated in 2011 that now over 50% of people in the USA pay their bills electronically. This percentage continues to increase each year. As more and more people learn the benefits of accessing their health record information online, the percentage of people that access their heath information through a patient portal will continue to increase. is the leader in providing online patient access to their health records. The federal government is slowly rolling out new rules and regulations on what your doctor must provide when you access your health records. At this time patients are able to view their current medications, past medications, current problem list (diagnosis), past problems (diagnosis), allergies and lab results. All health data displayed by is encrypted to ensure complete safety for all patients.

If your doctor is using a Government Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) then you have the right to request and receive online access to your health records. If your doctor is not currently providing online access to your health records then have them contact