Medication Refill Requests Made Simple

2 January 2022

While most patients are accustomed to calling their doctors office and requesting a prescription refill, patients that have access to have the option of electronically requesting their medication refills. Our patient portal allows patients to send a secure message to their healthcare provider for the medication refill request. The process is simple, fast and secure. As soon as you send your secure message, your healthcare provider is alerted as to a refill medication message being available in their Inbox to review. This is much faster than calling your healthcare providers office and asking a staff member to take the message for the prescription refill.

When you send a secure message to your health provider, they have the option of replying to your medication refill request. The reply will display under “Messages” in for the patient to review. As an added option, your healthcare provider is able to send a SMS text message confirmation to your phone to further streamline patient communication.

In 2022, will be enhancing the prescription refill feature. This new feature will display the patient’s current medications and allow the patient to select the specific medication they want refilled. Patients will also have the option to send specific requests with the refill request such as “please refill with generic brand medication if available”. This new feature will save time for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

If you are a healthcare provider, clinic or hospital interested in automating access to your patient’s health records in a secure environment, then please click the following link and a representative will contact you. technology is used by healthcare providers throughout the U.S. and internationally to provide secure patient access to their patients’ health records.