Medical Errors in Patient Charts

31 May 2017

Over the past 8 years physicians in the U.S. have migrated from the majority using paper charts to over 80% of physicians using Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

The major benefits of EHR systems include the following:

  • Instant access to patient health records for physician / healthcare providers
  • Elimination of handwritten progress notes
  • Ability for physician / healthcare providers to communicate with their patients
  • Electronic charting
  • Electronic prescriptions

The disadvantage with EHR technology can be the ability to select (document) the wrong item in the EHR software. Most physicians / healthcare providers will see 30 or more patients a day. They are faced with more government regulations and simply have to document more data for each patient visit. Due to the sheer volume of data required to be collected for each patient visit, mistakes can and are made by healthcare providers each day.

To ensure the health data in your electronic health record is accurate, recommends accessing your electronic health records twice a month. All the health data displayed in has been recorded by your physician / healthcare provider. If mistakes are found, it is imperative that you contact your physician / healthcare provider and request the error is corrected ASAP. Once the error is corrected, the update will appear the next time your login to 

As the leading U.S. healthcare technology company in providing the link between patients and their health records, provides technology instrumental in the communication between physicians / healthcare providers and their patients.