26 April 2021

After each patient visit, a patient’s health record is updated with health data and health documents. Health data would include such data as lab results, medical diagnosis, allergies, medications, etc. Whereas health documents would be the actual document or documents that were generated by your healthcare provide with the history of your patient visit. The documents are updated in your health records as a PDF document.

New legislation in the USA requires healthcare providers to make these health documents available to their patients. If you login and do not see your health documents in your health records, you must contact your healthcare provider and request your healthcare documents be activated for As the leading U.S. and international healthcare technology company in providing the link between patients and their health records, provides both health data and health documents in the patients’ health records. technology is used by healthcare providers throughout the U.S. and internationally to provide secure patient access to their patients’ health records. For answers to the most common questions regarding, please click the following link