Have You Checked Your Health Data Lately?

17 November 2016

The vast majority of patients in the U.S. now have their health records stored electronically. At any time your doctor, PA, NP, PT or medical assistant can add or edit your health information. Technology has made documenting patient care electronically the new standard amongst health care providers. Unfortunately this new technology can also allow a healthcare provider to accidently update medical data to the wrong patient’s health record. With the click of the screen a patients chart can be electronically updated with a medical diagnosis intended for another patient.

Healthcare providers use (EHR) electronic health record systems to choose from a list when updating a patient’s health record. Honest mistakes are made by providers each day that have accidently clicked the wrong diagnosis on a screen. The healthcare provider may have thought they clicked the intended medical diagnosis but accidently clicked a different medical diagnosis on the screen. To ensure your health records are accurate, it is highly recommended your login and check your health data bi-monthly. If a patient finds something in their health data they feel should “not” be listed then it is important they contact their healthcare provider immediately and review the finding.

As the leading technology provider for online access to health records, ViewMyHealthRecords.com utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure privacy and maximize security. Taking the time to review your health data each month will ensure that your health data is accurate and complete.