Federal Law Creates Increase in Online Patient Access to Health Records

13 May 2016

In order to encourage your doctor to implement electronic health records and get rid of using “paper charts”, the Federal Government began offering financial incentives in 2011 to doctors that met “meaningful use” and offer their patients online access to their health records. It is estimated that 38% of doctors in the United States have successfully implemented electronic health record technology in their clinics allowing their patients access to their health records. That number is expected to increase to over 50% by the end of 2012.

The federal law enables patients to access their health records 24/7 and gives each patient the control they need to manager their health records. Online access provides details to the medical data listed below:

Patients Current Problem List
Patients Current Medications Prescribed
Patients Previous Medications Prescribed
Patients Medical Impression / Diagnosis
Patients Allergies
Patients Lab Results

Parents are finding online access to health records very beneficial when both spouses can not be with the child for a visit to the doctor. The other spouse can access the details of the medical visit with the proper login and passwords at www.viewmyhealthrecords.com. No need to waste time contacting the medical clinic with questions when the parents have access to the child’s health records.

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