Communicate with your doctor Electronically

14 April 2016

Did you think about calling your doctor today but simply ran out of time? Many patients do not realize they have the ability to electronically communicate with their physician or healthcare provider 24/7. Patients using can easily communicate with their physician or healthcare provider about anything pertaining to their health. Communicating with your physician / healthcare provider is simple, fast and most of all secure. Patients can use their PC or smart phone to login to and communicate efficiently with their physician or healthcare provider.

For example, with secure messaging you can send your physician a request for a prescription refill or request a change in your current medication. To send your doctor a secure message complete the following steps:

  1. Login to using your smart phone, PC or tablet

  2. Then choose the Secure Message feature located in your health record

  3. You will type in your request and the request will be electronically sent to your physician

Often time’s physicians get their secure messages on their smart phones allowing them to respond and approve patient requests the same evening. Thousands of healthcare professionals trust to provide their patients 24/7 access to their health record. If your healthcare provider is not currently providing online access to your health records then chances are they are not complying with these new federal guidelines. Granting online access to your health records is no longer an option but the law. To learn how you can access your health records online have your healthcare provider contact