19 December 2021

Over the past 12 months our support team has been tracking patient requests and suggestions to help improve the user experience. These suggestions were studied by both our management team and our support team to determine the new enhancements we should add to our patient portal. We are happy to report that a new user experience project has been under development for the past several months. Our software development team has forecasted the new update to be ready in the 2nd half of 2022. We are excited to roll out the new software and encourage our user to login each month to monitor their health records.

The new software experience will further streamline the ability for patients to manage their health records and access the following health data:

  •     Diagnosis
  •     Problem List
  •     Current Medications
  •     Past Medications
  •     Allergies
  •     Past Surgeries
  •     Past Procedures
  •     Lab Results
  •     Vital
  •     CCDA Summary is a leading provider of secure patient portals that provides the link between patients and their health records. Our secure software enables a patient to access their health data 24/7 and communicate electronically with their healthcare provider.

If you are a healthcare provider, clinic or hospital interested in automating access to your patient’s health records in a secure environment, then please click the following link and a representative will contact you. technology is used by healthcare providers throughout the U.S. and internationally to provide secure patient access to their patients’ health records.

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