How do I access my health records online?

As the federal government continues its quest to digitize all health records in the United States, the growing interest among patients and their ability to access their health records remains at an all-time high. Each day our support team receives emails from patients all around the country with the number one questions being “how do I access my health records online”? So how do you access your health records online? corporate mission has been to simplify the connection between patients and their healthcare providers. The majority of healthcare providers store their patient’s health records on servers located at their medical clinic. has developed the technology that enables patients to access their health records without physically logging into their doctors server. Once a patient is registered with, they are able to login and review their health records 24/7. Each time a patient logs in to check their health records; instantly connects to their doctor’s server via a secured connection. The data on file at your doctor’s office is then available for review online. Once the patient logs off, an email confirmation is sent from to the patient confirming the date and time of access to the health record. This security features alerts the patient each time there is access to the account.
As the leading technology provider for online access to health records, continues to develop new technology to keep patients informed of changes to their health records. By the end of the year, will release a new version of our software that will automatically send an email to a patient in the event that any changes are made to their health records. This way the patient can login and view any changes or additions that have been made to their health record. Keeping patients better informed while ensuring the security of their health data is critical with

Patients can expect some new enhancements to be added to by the end of 2012. These enhancements will allow a patient to review all their health records for multiple providers (such as a Primary Care doctor, cardiologist and Urologist) with just one login to Our new technology will allow a patient to centralize their clinical data with the power of “one” login.